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Dried Organic Figs

Organic dried figs are known for their sweet flavor and smooth texture, as well as their long list of health benefits. Getting your nutrients has never tasted so good.

Organic Soft Dried Mangoes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our deliciously tender dried mangos. Made from only the juiciest mangos, this healthy snack contains no added sweeteners, just pure mango goodness!

Conventional Soft Dried Passion Fruit

Enjoy the exotic sweetness of ripe passion fruit in a snacking friendly form! These soft dried snacks are lightly dusted in sugar and include the original seeds for delightful eating on-the-go.

A Commitment to Taste

At Amphora, our goal is to promote human wellness by growing the most flavorful and nutritious foods. We hope you can taste the history, quality, and care that goes into our products.

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