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About Us

Here at Amphora International we believe in selling products that we are passionate about. So, you might ask, how did we become passionate about Mediterranean olive oil?

Our almost thirty years of experience in the wholesale stone business took us on many adventures around the world and we came to the realization that the cities we often liked the most were the ones where we had incredible culinary experiences. Of course, many of our fond memories were in Italy! However, Spain has a rich culinary history and a fusion of Mediterranean foods with their own unique twist. Mostly based on fresh vegetables, rich meats, and tasty fish, Mediterranean food has one uniting ingredient- olive oil!

The more olive oils we tried, the more we realized that Mediterranean olive oil is simply superb and has yet to be discovered in America. We also found that consumers in the United States have only recently become aware of olive oil and its incredible varieties, tastes, and uses. From dark and smoky to light and fruity each type of olive as well as where and when it was harvested plays an important role in the final product.

As a producer and importer we found it essential to introduce the highest quality to our consumers. Finding quality olives is pretty easy when you consider that Mediterranean people take great pride in their centuries of cultivation of olives, dating back to the Ancient Greeks. Once we find the perfect olive, it’s ready to be pressed, bottled, and shipped from Spain to our warehouse in Lake Forest, California.

We hope you try our products and taste the history, the quality, and the passion behind Amphora International Extra Virgin Olive Oils.