As a producer and importer we found it essential to introduce the highest quality to our consumers. Finding quality olives is pretty easy when you consider that Mediterranean people take great pride in their centuries of cultivation of olives, dating back to the Ancient Greeks. Once we find the perfect olive, it’s ready to be pressed, bottled, and shipped from Spain to our warehouse in Lake Forest, California.
What makes our oils stand out from the rest?
The fact that the Mediterranean has nurtured olive trees for centuries so that they can produce the ultimate fruit. The olives are picked at the pinnacle of ripeness and pressed the same day ensuring the freshest, most aromatic oil.
Our state of the art facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology including cold pressing process which extracts the rich olive flavor from the fruit to create an extra smooth extra virgin oil.
We hope you try our products and taste the history, the quality, and the passion behind Amphora International Extra Virgin Olive Oils.
We are committed to bringing you the most wholesome, delicious products using only the best natural ingredients.